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I worry about being the victim of violence. Not so much the random, in the heat of the moment, person I know type of violence, but the random, senseless, stranger to me kind. This is not something that keeps me up at night, but it does give me pause when I'm out and about. I work with the public, in a city with several transient, homeless, and jobless people. Quite a lot of them have some sort of mental disorder, a fact which I think about when I interact with them. I wonder which of them will reach across the desk and try to harm me, or pull back a jacket to reveal a gun. It's unlikely, but reality isn't a slavish adherent to probability.

Are there people out in the US who have, in the past two days, grown wary of Asians? Are they nicer? Was I nicer to that Korean couple today because I was afraid of them, or to show them that I was not afraid of them? I'm not sure.

I don't want to get shot, mugged, shot while getting mugged, attacked, or similarly accosted in a violent manner, but I have no idea how to prevent it. Being at your place of worship, work, or study doesn't guarantee safety. It's never a surprising conclusion to reach, but I hate the realization that there is no safe place in this world.